Fiance’s and family’s testimonial

  • Diana, thank you very much, you and your team’s work was incredible, it was the wedding of my dreams, and everything was perfect and amazing.

    Bego Olivar
    Bride, Queretaro
  • Wow, wow, wow, is everything we can say! What a wedding! We are really grateful to all of you! You did everything very well! Thank you so much for make our wedding better than we imagine. 

    Paty Galvan
    Bride, Monterrey
  • Dianita, you are the best! Mau and I have a lot of affection and confidence to you and we deeply admire you. You worked so hard, I didn’t need to lift a finger, I didn't do anything! I wholly and absolutely trust in you and look the beautiful wedding you create. I adore you! 

    Mayela Navarro
    Bride’s mother, Queretaro
  • You’re a machine, Dianita! Thank you for everything, we are so happy, and we really enjoyed it. 

    Rafa del Arenal
    Groom, Queretaro
  • I adore you, Dianis! A thousand thanks for everything! Everything was beautiful. We loved it! It was the most incredible day. We love you so much!

    Maye Escobar
    Bride, Queretaro
  • Diana, I wanted to tank you one more time, the wedding couldn’t be better, thanks for your dedication and professionalism. 

    Malena Armida
    Bride’s mother, Queretaro
  • Your work is incredible, characterized by the elegance, the details and the way you give it all in every event you do. Worked with you was a pleasure, and my parents are so happy, they told me that it was worth every penny. Thank you so much for all the work to make this possible. We would strongly recommend you to all our friends and family. 

    Gutierrez Aguilar Family
  • All our guests told us the design; the band, the food and the place were amazing. It was a real wedding dream. I appreciate all your time and dedication to make this happened. 

    Gloria Cabral
    Bride, San Luis Potosi
  • Diana and her team are extraordinary, arrive to my wedding and see everything just like in my dream is an amazing feeling. Thank you for makes that possible. I am convinced that have hired you, as my Wedding Planner was the best decision. 

    Victoria Clark
    Bride, Celaya
  • Just when the wedding was over I realized the amazing work you did. You are sensational and very professional. You were in every detail. You are a Swiss watch. I tell you whit my heart: thank you very very much. 

    Eugenio Clark
    Bride’s father, Celaya
  • I do not have enough words of thanks for you and for everything you did to make this the most amazing day of our lives, you are amazing! Everything was superb, perfect, and almost unreal, you are the best! I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same without you, my family, my husband and I thank you heartily once more for all you did! Diana, I admire your passion and dedication to your work, you are incredible and you would always be the best.  

    Mariana Ahumada
    Bride, Queretaro
  • We are so grateful to you, I can describe your effort, dedication, empathy and professionalism with one world: FLAWLESS. Thank you heartily for helping us in this heavy transition. Almost a year and a half by our side, mission accomplished for all of us.

    Maza Armida Family
  • Diana, I want to thank you one more time for everything. You are an example for the Mexican women: your professionalism and charm make extraordinary things seems easy, and I know the great effort you make in every project. I wish you all possible success. You deserve it. Lots of love. 

    Malena Armida
    Bride’s mother, Queretaro
  • Thank you, Diana, we are so happy with our wedding, it was supreme, we are amazed. So much better than any other designer because you let us involve in the process, our wedding was completely personalized; you open a possibility for every taste. We are completely in love with your job! 

    Mariana and José Roberto Lopez
    Bride and Groom, Saltillo and Reinosa
  • Thank you so much for everything, the best caterer and service, the band was amazing, the atmosphere just like we like in the northern Mexico, the flowers was beautiful, you are an artist; I have not enough words about the lights; and seeing the work of each day to create all of those things, was completely amazing, you transform the place in a fairy tail. How many people giving themselves day and night to give us our own sky full of stars. It was spectacular. Finally, the coordination, logistics and event plantation: than you for understanding every idea and detail I had in my mind, because everything was better than I wanted, despite the distance. Now I realize that distance is not an issue for you, thank you for your patience, availability, flexibility, and dedication, for always keeping an eye on us and for paying attention in every detail. You exceeded all my expectations, it wasn’t how I dream about my wedding, and it was BETTER. There’s no doubt it was the best day of our lives, and largely thanks to you. 

    Fatima and David Valdez Zamora
    Bride and Groom, Saltillo and Torreon
  • Girls, with my whole heart: YOU ARE THE BEST. I admire the way you work, your talent, creativity and team coordination. I am sure that life has big rewards for each of you who make our dream came true. I send you a very strong embrace, all my respect and appreciation.

    Rodrigo Uribe Pacheco
    Groom, Queretaro
  • Diana, my friend! I want to send you a hundred of hugs for helping us in our wedding. I could not have wished for a better wedding, and that is thanks to you! It was really incredible! Every detail was perfect. I have never seen anything like it before! All my friends and family are still totally blown away and will never forget it! All Germany is talking about it. I cannot thank you enough! Kisses. 

    Alexander Langholz-Baikousis
    Groom, Alemania
  • Really, we have no enough words to thank you for everything you did for us yesterday. It was the best day of our lives, and it wouldn’t be possible without you, it was a dream came true; you are the best! 

    Jime Rodríguez
    Bride, Queretaro
  • Dianita, you are the best! Thank you and your dream-team so much for everything, it was for sure better than the wedding of my dreams. Thanks for making everything possible. The work you do is amazing; you make possible everything we asked for. You have an incredible ability to connect with the fiancés. All our guests were delighted, including us. Keep with the professionalisms you are distingue with! All the success! 

    Mariana N. Arrieta
    Bride, Queretaro
  • Diana, thank you so much for being my fairy godmother, for knowing perfectly what we wanted, you guess everything we were thinking and had everything controlled, each detail was unique and all the attentions to know how was we felling were the best gifts for Aron and for me. You took care of each detail, the guests was completely impacted and happy. The best team forever: Diana Sandoval Wedding Coach. 

    Elena y Aron Mancilla
    Bride and Groom, León and State of Mexico
  • Dear Diana: I just want to thank you for your effort and a first quality work to make Vero’s wedding so beautiful, everything was spectacular. I have to recognize that, besides of your charm and sympathy, you have proven to have capacity, experience and talent. Thank you very much, really. I send you a warm hug. 

    Emilio Maccise
    Bride’s father, Queretaro
  • Diana, Eric, our families and I want to tank you whit our hearts. Really, our wedding was everything and more than we could ever imagine. It was SPECTACULAR; I swear it was hard to believe how amazing everything looks. There are not enough words to say how we feel; it was a dream comes true. Your team is the BEST in the world. Is the best wedding we have ever been, and it’s not because it was ours, but because the place and the atmosphere were the best in the world. 

    Montse Thomas
    Bride, Queretaro
  • Diana, thank you so much for making Adriana and Fer’s wedding the wedding of their dreams. Everything was beautiful and perfect; it exceeded all our expectations! We enjoyed very much and we are so very happy with your job! 

    Gustavo and Lucy Garcia
    Bride’s parents, Irapuato

Trade Partners’ testimonials

  • After more than 29 years in the events scene, I have seen the wedding industry evolution, and I just gave to recognize the importance of the Wedding Coach. I had the fortune of seeing Diana’s Sandoval grow and success, and I can say that I feel very proud about her achievements that have positioned her as one of the best Mexico’s Wedding Planners. 

    Javier del Rio
    Videa Digital CEO
  • Diana Sandoval is a 100% committed planner; every design is special thanks to her constant improvement and innovation spirit. We had the chance to take new technology to the Wedding Industry, things that only a few dares use. Diana is a pioneer in design and innovation, she constantly drives us forwards and demands us to be different; she shares with us her improvement spirit. We know that if it’s a Diana’s event, it’s going to be spectacular. We love to work with her, and we deeply appreciate the opportunity she gives us to revolutionize and make the illumination world better trough her challenging artistic vision. We admire her work and we totally recommend her. 

    Vanesa Mayorga
    Bright and Light CEO
  • Diana, congratulations, it is a pleasure and a privilege to work with people like you, who put her client’s interest first than herself with a total professionalism, inspiring the team spirit. I hope to find you soon in another event. 

    Polo Ramirez Seoane
    Dianars Banquetes CEO
  • Dianita, you are one of the best Wedding Planners I have ever met. You are full of responsibility, ethics, experience and creativity. 

    Gaby Cabrera
    Expresión Floral CEO
  • For our company it’s It is incredibly satisfying to work with Diana’s team, cause we have the certainty it would be a first-rate event, no matter if it’s a small or a big event, we are going to find perfection in every detail. The event design, the whole coordination, and the work team always looking for every little detail: design, logistics and schedule. No detail will ever escape from them. That make our work easy, and we have no trouble to reach our goals.

    Charly Montufar
    Charly Montufar Dj’s CEO
  • It is an honor and pleasure for me to work with someone so talented and professional, we are confident and secure in all the events we have shared, because they have been impeccably organized, with well planned logistics, and a coordination as precise as a Swiss watch. I congratulate you for being the perfect nexus between client and supplier.  

    Javier Quijano
    Banquetes Mayita Operations Manager
  • It is very important for us to work with Diana’s Sandoval team, they have demonstrated over the years their firm makes the most spectacular events, challenging us and moving toward the Event Industry in Querétaro. 

    Concha Quijano
    Carpas San Marino CEO
  • Diana, after all the events we have had in Querétaro, and specially the last one, I want to congratulate you for your professionalism and dedication, how you handle with all the staff and providers, your strong character and your determination, but, above all, your education and the joy you spread. I admire you; it is a pleasure to work with you, congratulation!! I wish you all the success. 

    Zaida Gonzales
    Banquetes Les Croissants
  • Ther is no doubt that working with Diana is a guaranty; the way she works and her excellent attention to client and providers is something that characterize her; I am a fan of her work, I wish I have weddings with her every weekend! 

    Fernando O’Farril
    O’Farril Films Director
  • Working with Diana is so easy, relax, efficient, everything flows because she does not leave any detail without checking, her experience and efficiencies give us all the perfect environment to concentrate a 100% in our work, without mentioning that her events are incredibly spectacular and, although we know her, still surprising us. There’s no doubt that Diana Sandoval is a guarantee!! 

    Raul and Silvia Licea
    Spora Studio CEO
  • For SUGAR-ALEBRIJE PRODUCTIONS, working with Diana’s Sandoval team is a synonym of professionalism and the higher quality in service; besides the peace and tranquility of knowing that all goes as planned and to customer preferences. Her team really cares and work about every provider develop their work, that makes a great working environment, based on respect and a common objective: to make feel the customer completely satisfied and to make their guests enjoy the event. She and her team works with all the passion and dedication, thank you for making us part of your events! 

    Ricardo Nieto
    Sugar-Alebrije Band Director
  • Working with Diana Sandoval and her team is an excellent experience because of the peace and tranquility that give us knowing they are in charged of the coordination, because they care about every little detail; they know that details are all that matters in a wedding.

    Cesar Alvarez
    César Álvarez Events CEO
  • Dianita, you know how much I admire your work and the love you put in each of the events. It is a privilege and a lot of fun when we share with you and your team. Diana Sandoval is, without a doubt, a huge firm with a national and international weight. Sergio Massieu Banquetes is always proud of your achievements! 

    Diana Brenis Massieu
    Sales and special services in Sergio Massieu Banquetes